I am a wife, a mother, a professional fundraiser. I’m a conservative Christian, a jazz lover and have a profound affection for being outdoors.

Laughter is a necessity, as is coffee, potato chips and cats.  Life has so many opportunities and possibilities that I would gladly be three of me just to expand my opportunities to do and be all that I would like.

I love needle arts of all kinds- knitting, needlepoint, sewing- you name it. If I have tried it I probably enjoy it and would like to do more of it. If I haven’t tried it, I’ve likely heard of it and would be happy to try it given unlimited time and energy.

I’m a proponent of education as a way of life, both formal and informal. I earned my Bachelor’s degree more than 30 years ago and my Masters  30 years later. After several careers, I finally know what I like, where my strengths lie and find each day to be a glorious opportunity to accomplish something amazing. Sometime it even works!

This blog is part of an effort to find the best outlet for my pent-up desire to write and be published. At the very least it’s a way to begin to categorize my thoughts and ideas until they have sufficient time to take root and begin to grow.

For that reason, these pages will remain generally hidden certainly not advertised until such time as I feel they are ready for the public.  For now I’m content to know there is this space. My quiet space. A perfect repository for random musings, ideas and misdirected thoughts.


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